Where easy rider meets mad max 

The world’s only tours on custom motorcycles.





Father and Son Mark and Ben Van Leewarden had been travelling to the USA from New Zealand for motorcycle trips when they met friends John Devonshire and Wayne Cayton in 2009. With a love for custom motorcycles, riding back roads and old-fashioned fun – the friendship kickstarted. Over the next 10 years they would ride over 15,000 miles in the pursuit of unscripted adventure. Discovering scenic roads, hidden gems and attending numerous motorcycle rallies.

Planet Chopper was created to foster and spread this spirit: the spirit of custom motorcycle building, riding, and partying. We offer life-changing motorcycle trips in The United States and New Zealand. These untamed tours will fulfil your craving for machinery, adventure and the unknown.


The Rides

We customise all the motorcycles in our fleet. Each has its own special sound, look and feel.


Tour with Bike Builders

The motorcycle you ride on has been built or customised by your tour guide. Ask questions, get tips and learn about the building process!


What’s Included


Your own custom motorcycle

All of our machines are unique: constructed with passion by our builders. You pick your stead: your choice of style, manufacturer and performance.


Chase truck with spare bike

You’re followed by a support truck and spare bike: meeting every mechanical and personal need to keep everyone's wheels turning.


Local Guide

Our guides are cool cats, with knowledge of the best places to ride, eat and hang out. They’re all lifelong riders, with the skills and experience to match.



We merge motorcycle events and rallies with museums, history, music, culture and a dose of the extreme.


Professional mechanics

John and Wayne are both US military-trained mechanics, between them they have 40-years experience building and fixing anything on two wheels.


Scenic Lodging

Most of our nests are old school, one-of-a-kind and surrounded by nature.


Daily Meals

Expect good honest homemade food. We usually choose farm-to-table restaurants, ma’ & pa’ diners plus hole-in-the-wall bars and music venues.


Airport Transfers

We offer airport transfers for all of our tours.


Bespoke Tours

If our set dates don't suit you or you prefer to tour with your mates, we can tailor-make a tour to suit your needs.


Rent a Custom Motorcycle

You cats need a chopper? Want to ride the Blue Ridge Parkway, The Dragon or the entire country? Come and see us.


“This being my second trip with Planet Chopper, I already knew to expect to be amazed by Planet Chopper’s crew, their kindness, professionalism the amazing scenery and by the absolute raw and uncensored pleasure of riding custom motorcycles. The absence of electronics and gimmicks, and just feeling the gratitude of riding across some of the most beautiful roads in the USA is not only epic, but healing. Planet Chopper also seems to attract a special, educated crowd looking for simple pleasures, leading to an amazing group of characters from all corners of the world

Andrea Tomba, Mexico
Off-Road Racing Professional


“This was the craziest most rewarding nine days of biking I’ve ever experienced.. From leading a Jazz Band in New Orleans to witnessing Beardy Bikers crying with laughter and forging new life long friendships. From feeling like you are part of something very real and very special over 2000 miles 9 States and oh so, so much fun. In a world full of norms, restrictions and red tape, bureaucracy and people that don't laugh out loud. This is a phenomenon, a new force bringing together bikers, machines, countries, freedom and fun….. This is Planet Chopper and it's the real deal Baby.

Gavin Peacock, Ireland
Group CEO


“When planning for Planet Chopper's “Mothman vs New Orleans” tour through America’s south east, I envisaged riding great roads, meeting interesting people, sampling moonshine, laughing lots and having some jazz-filled fun; which is exactly what I did and so wasn’t disappointed. However... I didn’t expect to ride some amazingly different bikes with such colourful characters in the group, laugh as much with so many ‘what the f….’ moments”. Thanks to Wayne and Ben for being great tour leaders; and the rest of the group for becoming life long ’Sofa Burning Smokeout Brothers’….. I can’t wait to do Nashville.

Glenn Ridge, Australia
TV & Radio Presenter


One of a kind Lodging

USA tour members will experience staying at our unique roadhouse in Virginia's Blue Ridge mountains. 

With a workshop, games room and loft bunkhouse that sleeps 14, you’re sure to have a good time. 

— It’s not just for our tour riders though, if you have a big group, love motorcycles or want to try something different: this is the spot for you to stay!


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